Special Projects

Neri Pozza – Event for the launch of the book “The embroiderer of winchester” by Tracy Chevalier

Tracy Cheavalier’s book’s presentation to the press and professionals. An afternoon tea – the result of historical and iconographic research on the life of English women at the time between the two wars, and after a careful reading of the manuscript. The choice of a post-industrial location was an additional element of investigation into the period, and made the experience unique and out of any cliché.

Afternoon tea: a sweet and savory snack, according to traditional English recipes. An authentic gustatory and olfactory experience.

Photographs: a selection of period images to help guests immerse themselves in a faraway world.

Violets: a tribute to the book’s protagonist, Violet Speedwell.

Villa Braida, Venice Carnival – “Gatsby was a Robot”

To celebrate Venice Carnival, a total immersion in the spirit of “The Great Gatsby”, albeit revisited. Scenography, costumes, menus, shows … every detail has been taken care to make guests experience a time travel escapade. And then, of course, after dinner, the inevitable Speakeasy …

Style: together with the invitation, guests received moodboards for style and mix & match tips in order to evoke a themed look, mixing modern clothes and vintage details.

Show: shows widespread in all areas of the villa – before, during, and after dinner – involving guests.

After dinner: after dinner, Speakeasy and opening of the ballroom with swing and electroswing DJ set

Hotel Chateau Monfort – Christmas Party “Chateau Rouge”

A Christmas party for top clients and suppliers, during which the entire staff became protagonist, and everyone was able to meet even staff members who normally do not have contact with the public. The successful result was guaranteed by skilled coaches who helped consummate artists to perform at their best, together with professional dancers and acrobats who, in unison, created a kaleidoscopic world full of stimuli.

Engagement: the hotel staff performed together with professional performers, thanks to the help of a choreographer

Show: acrobats, burlesque, boylesque, tip taps, actors

Style: a collector of period hats and accessories made the original period headdresses available to guests

Irina Shkolnaya Haute Couture – Art Director for the photography campaign

Artistic direction for the shooting of haute couture designer Irina Shkolnaya’s fashion campaign. From the moodboard to the storyboard, looking for inspiration in clothes; from sumptuous garments and classic elegance to lighter and more intangible ones. Starting from my first inspiration, I selected location and models in order to offer a varied but coherent imagery. I selected and managed the entire team of creative and technical professionals, also curating styling, photo shooting, and photo post-production.

Tomato Noir Hats – Art Director for the photography campaign

Direzione artistica della campagna fotografica di presentazione di Tomato Noir, la mia caArtistic direction for the photography campaign for Tomato Noir launch’s, my capsule collection as milliner. I created sophisticated headwear with a strong retro appeal for the Fuorisalone Tortona Disctrict, which I attended as an emerging designer in April 2018.