Paola Saia

I was born in Turin in 1978, into a family of artists, musicians, and seamstresses. I have always breathed art in all its forms since I was a child, and maybe that’s why I live it in everything I do.

Elisabetta, my grandmother on my mother’s side, worked as a seamstress and freelancer; free in the true sense of the term: she traveled all over the world, researching fabrics and new trends. In the meantime, in her atelier, she sold products from the rising Avon company, probably becoming one of the first Italian sales representatives. I grew up among clothes, fabrics, and lipsticks, speaking French with her, since, in her opinion, it was the most important and elegant international language.

I inherited the love for vintage from my dad, musician and painter, passionate about objects of the past and keen collector.

What guides me on my path is contamination and the desire to learn more and more.

And so after graduating from DAMS in art and costume design, I completed a specialisation in Multimedia Arts. Meeting with Enzo Dal Verme, who taught me the empathic photographic portrait, was the beginning of a great love for photography: in 2012, I studied photojournalism to learn how to tell stories through images.

Working as a photographer for top publishers, I developed the desire to have full artistic control of my works. And so I graduated first as make-up artist and then as milliner to study the technical characteristics of arments of different eras.