I collaborate with different institutes to foster image and communication education for adults and children.


A kindergarten dedicated to the arts with a maieutic approach that is based on two fundamental assumptions: children’s ability to do things on their own, and social interaction with other children.

For Doremi I created the first practical photography course with Instax Mini for children aged 4 and 5.

Istituto Guido Galli elementary school/grammar school

I devised an innovative project to apply creatively the logic of mathematics to reality, proposing to children to divide themselves into groups and transform themselves into communication agencies. From concept, I progressed to its realization thanks to the SI Comunica web agency, which became a case history and provided also technical support.

Simulating a real situation as much as possible, the children supported an imaginary customer (their school) in the development of a marketing and advertising plan, defining its economic part and its creative part.

“To teach you have to move people. But many still think that if you have fun, you don’t learn. ” Maria Montessori